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About Us


About Bansal Cable Industries !

Bansal Cable Industries has always been at the forefront of innovation in the welding machine industry, driven by a passion to revolutionize the sector with cutting-edge solutions. Our vision is to elevate start-up welding industries to global prominence across various domains, offering our clients a diverse range of welding machines and related solutions.

With a commitment to excellence and sustainability, Bansal Cable Industries continually guides our clients on how to harness the full potential of welding machines to create the highest quality products. Our mission is to emerge as a leader in supplying eco-friendly welding solutions, backed by relentless research, superior quality, and a steadfast dedication to environmental sustainability.

Since our inception, Bansal Cable Industries has grown into a market leader, offering an extensive array of welding solutions including arc welding machines, MIG welding machines, TIG welding machines, spot welding machines, and more. Leveraging our expertise in the welding machine industry, we serve clients across India, while also actively participating in import and export activities to expand our business internationally.


What We Do.

At Bansal Cable Industries, we have developed strategic plans to drive the growth and scalability of the welding machine industry by providing essential infrastructure, knowledge, and skills while prioritizing environmental sustainability. We are committed to delivering robust, durable, and efficient welding solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers.

To maintain a competitive edge and ensure sustained success in a rapidly evolving business landscape, we adhere to various business principles and strategies. In a country like ours, where durable and reliable welding solutions are crucial for construction projects that last for generations, Bansal Cable Industries stands as a trusted partner, offering top-notch welding machines and services.

We are dedicated to serving our clients and the welding industry at large in the best possible manner, as we believe that our growth is intertwined with the success of our clients. With a team of skilled professionals and technocrats, we strive to achieve our organizational goals and contribute to India’s growth trajectory. It is the trust and cooperation of the industry and our clients that have propelled us forward, enabling us to fulfill our mission of serving India with superior welding solutions. We envision a future where Bansal Cable Industries continues to strengthen its position in the market and plays a pivotal role in driving India’s growth journey alongside our esteemed clients.

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