Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturers

Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturers

Plasma cutting is a method that utilizes an accelerated stream of hot plasma to cut via electrically conducting materials. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and other conductive metals are common materials that can be cut with a plasma torch. Plasma cutting is frequently utilized in production, auto mechanics and restoration, construction activities, salvage, and scrapping.  Plasma cutting is commonly used, from major industrial CNC applications to tiny hobby firms, due to the high speed and precision of the cuts at a low cost. The materials are then used for welding. Plasma cutting is distinguished by using conductive gas at temperatures up to 30,000°C. Plasma cutting machine manufacturers in Delhi will provide you with the topmost quality cutting machines that complement your work environment.  

Advantages Of Plasma Cutting Machine

  • Cutting of all electrically conductive materials
  • piecing of best high-alloy steel and aluminum materials in medium and large consistencies 
  • Distinguished execution in small and medium mild steel thicknesses
  • cutting of sturdy structural steel with lower heat input 
  • High cutting rates
  • Any processing of premium-quality blanks for medium and dense sheet metals 
  • Plasma cutting ensures automation.

Process In Plasma Cutting Machine

The fundamental operation of plasma cutting and welding is to construct an electrical channel of superheated, electrically ionized gas – i.e., plasma – from the plasma cutter to the workpiece to be cut, generating a finished circuit back to the plasma cutter through a ground terminal. This is accomplished by blowing a compressed gas (oxygen, air, inert gas, and others based on the material to be cut) at high speed through a focused nozzle into the workpiece.  An arc forms within the gas between an electrode close to the nozzle and the object itself. The electric arc ionizes a portion of the gas, forming an electrical conductor plasma channel. Plasma cutting machine manufacturers in Delhi NCR are providing their clients with these products at a reasonable rate. 

Plasma Cutting Applications

Workshops typically employ manual plasma cutters for thin metal processing, factory maintenance, agricultural maintenance, welding repair centers, metal service centers (scrap, welding, and dismantling), construction work (e.g., buildings and bridges), commercial shipbuilding, trailer manufacturing, car maintenance, and works of art.   Mechanized plasma cutters are often significantly more extensive than manual ones and work in tandem with cutting tables. Automated plasma cutters can be incorporated into a punching, laser, or robot cutting system. The dimensions of a mechanized plasma cutter are determined by the table and portal employed. Because these systems are challenging to maneuver, their components and layout should be examined before installation.


Many plasma cutting machine manufacturers in India are successfully manufacturing the best quality plasma cutting machines.

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